On Crowley’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The purpose of this article is to talk about my opinion of those people who call themselves thelemites, or if not at least they seem to have adopted Liber AL vel Legis to support their own ulterior development (twisted) according to their own philosophies, but they have a poor apprecition of the meaningful task and opus of the Master Therion the Great Beast Aleister Crowey.


Many of my readers knows that i am a lawyer, an so, it means that i work as an advocate. I felt the need of writing this article being perhaps a work of Devil’s advocate if you want to call it, but the true is that Aleister Crowley dont need of this, is just my desire to write this article which is totally a subjective approach as everyone of my articles are. I raise my voice to say what I think and i know i am not an ultimate interpreter of any kind, i am not a recognised scholar neither and of course people can agree or disagree with me. Since i am only doing my will writing and finding escstasy in doing it, i am being passionate but also rational in writing this article.

I critizise those peoples who use the voice of Thelema (Liber AL vel Legis) to support their own beliefs and say that The Law contained in the Holy Book is what rules their crede. They say that they accept the Voice delivered by Aiwass to Master Therion during the Cairo working in 1904 as true, the voice of the Ultra Gods (as i like to call them) Nuit, Hadit and Ra Hoor Khuit; but at the same time they reject Aleister Crowleys importance and even talk despicable things about the prophet. I say thay this people are truly lost or at least they are in the wrong place. Why i dare to say this?

Well the Law is for All, and at the same time the Law is a Whole (once again remember that i am a lawyer, talking about law, i know of what i am talking about) . A law is a body of rules, norms, insctructions, comandments that works as an organism each part depending on the other parts that compose it. I cannot invoke a Law in my favour, when I reject a part of it, or pretend that a part of the law is correct and tne other no. That is a huge contradiction and cosequentely all that i could say based in the law that i invoked under such circumstances would be not valid.

Those people likes to invoke the Voice of Nuit, Hadith and Ra Hoor Khuit they even preach with it, they even involves those voices into their own deeds. But guess what,  they avoid some specific parts such as this:

Liber AL vel Legis cap I

15. Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest the Beast; and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given. They shall gather my children into their fold: they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men.

32. Obey my prophet! follow out the ordeals of my knowledge! seek me only! Then the joys of my love will redeem ye from all pain. This is so: I swear it by the vault of my body; by my sacred heart and tongue; by all I can give, by all I desire of ye all.

36. My scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the priest of the princes, shall not in one letter change this book; but lest there be folly, he shall comment thereupon by the wisdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

* The voice of Nuit is saying that Crowley in fact is the presence of Ankh af Na Khonsu, the priest of the Princes.

Cap II

53. Fear not, o prophet, when these words are said, thou shalt not be sorry. Thou art emphatically my chosen; and blessed are the eyes that thou shalt look upon with gladness. But I will hide thee in a mask of sorrow: they that see thee shall fear thou art fallen: but I lift thee up.

64. Oh! thou art overcome: we are upon thee; our delight is all over thee: hail! hail: prophet of Nu! prophet of Had! prophet of Ra-Hoor-Khu! Now rejoice! now come in our splendour & rapture! Come in our passionate peace, & write sweet words for the Kings.

65. I am the Master: thou art the Holy Chosen One.

77. O be thou proud and mighty among men!

78. Lift up thyself! for there is none like unto thee among men or among Gods! Lift up thyself, o my prophet, thy stature shall surpass the stars. They shall worship thy name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful, the number of the man; and the name of thy house 418.

79. The end of the hiding of Hadit; and blessing & worship to the prophet of the lovely Star!

* The voice of Hadit is an exaltation to Master Therion is also a blessing to him remarkably saying he is the Holy chosen One. Even comanding us to worship his name, ultimately identifying him as The Avatar of Ra Hoor Khuit.

We can see clearly the importance of Aleister Crowley.

Is true that we thelemites are not judges, we are meant to do our will and let others do the same. Our judge is Ra Hoor Khuit , and i would say also that our adjustment is Maat. But facts are facs and dont need that a judge declare that they are.

So this people of whom i am talking about here rejoice using the voice of Ra Hoor Khuit his mighty voice of war and of vengance and at the same time ignoring the comandments of the Gods about the Holy Chosen One of them and pretend to be called serious? I firmly believe the will be the first ones in be judge directly by Ra Hoor Khuit.

Of course i know that Crowley don’t invented the concept of Thelema (Will in greek), of course i know that he did not invent the Goddess Babalon, but what is true is that without him we never would know about this, at least in the way we know it now. Invoking Liber CCXX and despising Frater P.  is a huge contradiction that has no sense in any way possible. I truly and firmly beieve that those who claim to have an ulterior development of these concepts going beyond what Crowley intended about, are following something totally different and alien of what the Law of Thelema really is. They should stop invoking The Book of the Law, they better should keep separated the work of Master Therion and his conclusive ideas from their own twisted beliefs. I personally dont give a cent about them and think they are something totally creepy and wasteful. This people think they are themselves holier than the prophet, they even only are talking about other people always in a reprobable manner saying that  they are the ultimate truth, and accusing others of being false and evil,  trying to hire the attention of dumb people who will believe their nonsense hallucinations. People deserve to fall in the belief they want and get trapped on it thinking that they are being free.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.